Roof Insurance
in Blue Ridge, GA

Roof Insurance Claims

Insurance can be confusing territory, for even the most seasoned claimants.
Here at Semper Fi Roofing & Restoration, we like to make insurance as simple as possible for homeowners.

When you work with the experts at Semper Fi Roofing & Restoration, you can take the stress out of your insurance process. We’ll visit your home or commercial property and provide a comprehensive assessment detailing the cause and extent of the damage, making it easier for you to proceed with your insurance company.

Whether its harsh wind, hail, or any other weather-related storms, we recommend having your roof inspected by one of our qualified professionals who can accurately and fairly assess damages that may have occurred due to the weather.

We’ll also walk you through the process of filing your insurance claim from start to finish, offering expert consulting services with insurance agents and adjusters.

What’s more?

Semper Fi insurance claim assistance extends beyond roof damage and now includes whole-home restoration concerns.


In 5 simple steps

If you decide to file a claim for damage, your insurance provider will provide you a claim number and designate an adjuster to visit your property and check it for the damage you’ve reported.

As soon as the inspection is over, the adjuster will construct a report of their findings and send it (subject to final approval) to your insurance company.

There are two possible outcomes at this point. The adjuster may argue that the damage is insufficient, in which case the claim will be rejected. Alternatively, the adjuster may allow partial replacement or repairs, depending on the severity of the damage.

Your policy’s limitations—which take into consideration whether you have an Actual Cash Value (ACV) or Replacement Cost Value (RCV) policy—will decide the amount of the claim’s approval.

The remaining funds will then be provided to you for the completion of the authorized scope of work, and you will be responsible for paying the deductible amount as specified in your policy.

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