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Murphy, North Carolina’s Trusted Roofing & Restoration Company

With each roofing project we take on, Semper Fi Roofing & Restoration lays another brick on top of our solid reputation as reliable roofing contractors.

We assist our loyal customers in achieving peace of mind at every level of their roofing service thanks to over a decade of licensed expertise in both residential and commercial roofing.


We have completed [hundreds/thousands] of projects for countless satisfied customers in the Murphy, North Carolina area over the past decade.

Whether it’s roof repair, roof replacement, or gutter services that you need, we offer the necessary expertise, right down to the small details.

Plus, our A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau is a testament to our unrivalled customer service here in Murphy, NC.


Roof damage here in Murphy is a multi-faceted issue – and if all aspects of the roof are not addressed during installation, your roofing system will suffer.

That’s why at Semper Fi, we assess your roof across a range of critical checkpoints before we begin any project – to ensure that no stone is left unturned in our mission to provide the best possible results

We take great pride in our work because we recognize that your roof is more than just an assortment of tiles. It’s a sophisticated system that protects your property from the elements and can significantly improve the curb appeal of your house – while increasing its investment value.

With the necessary knowledge, skills, and foresight to detect and prevent small issues before they become a bigger problem, our team keeps your investment protected.


For property managers, commercial property owners, and businesses in the Murphy area, Semper Fi Roofing & Restoration is the solution for all your roofing and restoration needs.

Whether it’s something as small as a leak in your roof, or something as serious as storm damage – we’ll be right with you when you give us a call.

Our seasoned team is here to provide fast and reliable results, on time, every time.

Get in touch today to discover how Semper Fi can deliver the gold-standard for your next residential or commercial roofing project.

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