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Semper Fi Roofs is your premier metal roofing contractor in Blue Ridge, GA. Our team of qualified roofing professionals covers everything from simple (to more complicated) roofing repairs, to complete metal roof replacement jobs.

We won’t just fix your roof, we’ll guarantee 100% satisfaction and keep on working until you are fully satisfied! 

So, why pick Semper Fi Roofing & Restoration? Like we already said, we don’t want to just come and pop a roof on your home, we build relationships with our customers; we want to be your expert team of choice for any major renovation project you have around your home.

Understanding Metal Roofing Color Choices

Installing Your Metal Roof

When choosing a metal roof installer near you, besides looking at their experience and portfolio, you need to dig a bit deeper and find out more about their qualifications and certifications.

This is why we invest a large portion of our company’s capital to bettering our teams and making sure each member of the team stays on top with the latest updates and changes in policies, roofing material, fixing and replacement procedures etc.

And that’s why you can be sure you’re in good hands!

Looking for a trustworthy roofing contractor you can trust and the one that has your best interest in mind? Look no further, we’re a seasoned company that’s been in the business for so long we can guarantee your satisfaction.

Contact us today and we’ll start working on your roof straight away!


Our team at Semper Fi Roofing & Restoration will conduct a comprehensive inspection on your roof.
With that data in hand, we’ll then put together a plan on whether you need to replace the roof or repair it.

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When a potential customer calls us up, one of the most common questions we get is “Do we need to replace the entire roof?” Of course, we can’t be sure until we go out in the field and do a final inspection.

But you can be sure our team is more than qualified to make the right decision. Moreover, we’ll help you choose the right materials for the job so you don’t have to worry about anything.

How Much Does Metal Roof Repair Cost In Blue Ridge, GA?

If we’re honest, giving a price estimate on a site we haven’t even visited wouldn’t be too professional, in fact, it might come across as a bit amateurish.

This is why we only give our estimate once we thoroughly inspect your property and the roof itself. Be sure we don’t cut corners nor do we use inferior materials; we pride ourselves on the quality of the service we provide and we treat our customers with respect.

That being said, the price of a metal roof repair will largely depend on its damage and whether you need a complete roof replacement (along with the added support) or just some minor fixes.

Proper Metal Roof Maintenance

Maintaining a metal roof involves regular inspections to identify and address potential issues early. Check for signs of rust, corrosion, or loose panels, and promptly repair any damage to prevent leaks. 

Clean the roof periodically to remove debris, dirt, and leaves that can trap moisture. Ensure gutters and downspouts are clear to avoid water buildup. Inspect and reseal seams, fasteners, and flashing to maintain a watertight seal. 

Address minor repairs immediately to prevent them from escalating into more significant problems. Regular maintenance not only extends the lifespan of a metal roof but also preserves its appearance and functionality.

Proper maintenance and care will ensure your roof remains in good condition for years to come. If not, give us a call and we’ll do it for you!


Semper Fi Roofing & Restoration offers customers in the Atlanta, GA area a rapid rebuild service, which allows those affected by natural disasters or emergency losses to rebuild as soon as possible.

Do you have a metal roofing emergency at your home or business and need a roof replacement in Blue Ridge or the surrounding area?

Disaster can strike at any time, leaving your business or home in a vulnerable state if it isn’t repaired quickly and properly. We quickly respond to and resolve emergencies like damage from fallen trees, extreme weather conditions, catastrophic leaks, and more.

If you have an emergency at your residential or commercial property, get it done right the first time.